Su-35C fighter against F-35


Who is cooler ?: in the US compared the Su-35, F-35 and F-22 fighters. Video

In the US, they decided to compare the capabilities of the Su-35, F-35 and F-22 fighters.

Despite the fact that the Russian Su-35 fighter belongs to the 4 ++ generation combat aircraft, and the American F-35 and F-22 fighters are full-fledged fifth-generation combat aircraft, the experts decided to compare the technical capabilities of these air killers in order to establish the leader, and The results exceeded all expectations.

According to experts, the American fighter F-35 and F-22 were created in order to take the lead in the sky. They are equipped with modern electronics, a large arsenal of weapons and have excellent maneuverability. Moreover, the key feature of these warplanes is the “stealth” technology used here, which makes them extremely dangerous.

Nevertheless, the Russian generation fighter 4 ++ is almost as good as air combat. In the US, they admit that the Su-35 Russian combat aircraft does not use stealth technology, but this fighter has incredible maneuverability, and the number of armament suspension nodes is much greater, which clearly gives an advantage in carrying out combat missions.

Summing up, analysts say that the Russian Su-35 fighter is much more likely to survive in the battle against the F-35 and even the F-22, but it is noted that the real possibilities of detecting American stealth aircraft are not known for certain.

Of the 14 criteria for the 5 generation of the F-35 generation, there are only two: high-class avionics and low-visibility. Therefore, calling it a full-fledged 5 generation aircraft is the height of non-professionalism. Even the Su-35 has more reason to be called the 5 generation aircraft.


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