Kurds announce intentions to fight with Russia

The Kurds declared their readiness to fight with Russia.

Syrian Kurds declared their readiness to conduct hostilities in the northern, northeastern and northwestern parts of Syria with Russia. According to senior Kurdish representatives in various regions of Syria, the current Syrian government is more likely an ally, while the main opponent of the return of the Arab Republic to peaceful existence are the Turkish occupation forces, pro-Turkish terrorists and American troops.

“Turkey is our main adversary. "We will fight with Russia and the SAA against the Turkish invaders and terrorists, and if the US tries to encroach on our territories, we will be ready for war and against them.", - said on Twitter accounts.

It should be clarified that during the liberation of the Syrian city of Aleppo and its environs, the Syrian Kurds also took an active part, in particular, according to several sources, Kurdish armed groups of more than 400 people actively fired at militants trying to launch a counterattack against the main forces, Therefore, such a declaration of readiness to fight against Russia and official Damascus against the occupying forces is quite fair and emphasizes the readiness of the Kurds to take such steps.

Earlier, several Syrian politicians spoke out for the need to transfer heavy weapons to the Kurdish military formations, in particular, they spoke about heavy machine guns, mortars, anti-tank systems and even MANPADS to prevent possible attacks by Turkish aircraft.

MANPADS are a serious thing. If the Turks use aviation against Russian forces and the Syrian army, it is of course possible to hand over to the Kurds and MANPADS with caution. Monitoring and observation on our part are required. Whom am I teaching? I do not teach. Just thoughts on paper. There is a CCH to them and maps (geodesics) in hand.


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