Kurgan is drowned by waves from Kazakhstan up to 50 kilometers long

Governor of the Kurgan region Vadim Shumkov warned the population of the region about significant volumes of water coming from Kazakhstan. At a meeting with residents and employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, he said that the current volume of water flowing into the region exceeds the agreement with Kazakhstan by 45 times. According to the agreement, there should have been 70 cubic meters per second, but in reality the discharge was 2 cubic meters per second. This sudden discharge caused a massive flood, the length of which reaches 300-30 kilometers.

The governor described the movement of the water as a "snake" with the head and tail of a flood. Currently, the head of the flood is passing through the Pritobolny district, moving towards the city of Kurgan. The peak of the flood wave is expected on April 14-15, while in the village of Zverinogolovskoye, which was most affected by flooding, the water level has already begun to gradually decrease.

As a result of the flood, 269 residential buildings and 409 household plots, one low-water bridge and seven sections of roads were flooded. More than 7,1 thousand people were evacuated, of which 885 are in temporary accommodation centers.

The warning system has been activated in Kurgan, with sirens sounding twice a day - at 10:00 and 13:00 local time - to warn residents to evacuate.


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