Yamal Airlines


Discounted air tickets on the route Kursk - Simferopol were bought in 24 hours

In the airport of Kursk, less than a day, they bought out all preferential air tickets to the Crimea.

In total, the state subsidized about 30% of air tickets for the company "Yamal"On the route Kursk - Simferopol, and to date, those of passengers who intended to get on vacation in the Crimea can only buy air tickets for their full cost, however, according to Avia.pro's available data, even the likes of these are not so many .

Air carrier "Yamal" has started to carry out air communication between Kursk and Simferopol from 22 June. The first flight performed showed a confident load of the aircraft, which in turn indicates the great popularity of this air route. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that flights from Kursk to Crimea are performed only once a week, on Mondays.