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Aircraft SSJ 100


Benefits for analogues SSJ 100 want to cancel

The Ministry of Industry and Trade supported the abolition of privileges in the purchase of aircraft of similar SSJ 100.

In the opinion of experts, to date, Sukhoi SuperJet 100 passenger liners, although they are a rather promising aircraft enjoying great support in the domestic market, today, the benefits for similar aircraft should be abolished. In fact, the country's authorities intend to protect their own aircraft manufacturers, however, whether this idea will find support among air carriers that still prefer foreign aircraft, remains unknown for the time being.

It should be clarified that to date, Sukhoi SuperJet 100 aircraft can not actively compete with foreign-made aircraft, however, gradually these liners are beginning to be popular abroad as well


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If air carriers prefer not our aircraft, even in those countries and work. And our sky will be useful to us.