Lipetsk Air Center spoke about the "space" capabilities of the MiG-31

Russian fighters MiG-31 have unique "space" capabilities.

Lipetsk Aviation Center spoke about the unique “space” capabilities of the Russian MiG-31 combat fighter. According to experts, despite the rather respectable age of this combat aircraft, it is well suited not only to combat land, sea and air targets, but is also capable of destroying the enemy in space.

"MiG-31 is an unrivaled fighter in its characteristics. Our unit is researching its capabilities. Flying implies an exit to the stratosphere, this requires additional equipment, equipment ", - said the head of the Lipetsk Air Center.

Indeed, Soviet scientists, and now Russian aircraft designers, managed to create a unique aircraft, analogues of which still do not exist in the world. Moreover, the MiG-31 fighter is still considered promising, which is conditioned by the US intentions to engage in the militarization of outer space.

"In the US, they decided that space would be an advantage for them, but the Russian MiG-31 could completely destroy spacecraft from the stratosphere. It all boils down to the fact that while in Washington they come up with new rules for waging wars, Russia already has weapons that can deprive the US of its advantages, and that's fine. ", - stressed the specialist Avia.pro.