Lebanon has deployed anti-ship missile systems along the coast in readiness to strike Israeli ships

Lebanon has deployed anti-ship missile systems on the coast.

Against the backdrop of recent Israeli attacks on military installations of Iran and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, it became known that Lebanon, which is an undoubted ally of Tehran, deployed anti-ship missile systems along the coast. The latter are directed against Israeli ships, which may well attempt to strike at IRGC facilities on the territory of this country.

Hezbollah has installed radar and anti-ship missile launchers along the Lebanese coast. Hezbollah also deployed an immediate warning system on the coast of a maritime confrontation with Israel., - reports "Channel 12" of Israeli television.

The appearance of anti-ship missile systems in the arsenal of Lebanon was quite unexpected. At the same time, the Israeli media have not yet named the affiliation of the complexes and missiles to them. However, apparently, the latter have a target engagement range of at least 60-80 kilometers. This poses a threat both to the ships of the Israeli Navy and to the gas production facilities of this country, which are located near the coast of Lebanon and are extremely vulnerable.


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