Airline victory Sochi


Loukosterov "Victory" began to fly from Moscow to Sochi

Russian loukosterov "Victory" opens regular flights from Moscow to Sochi.

I began to run regular flights from Moscow to Sochi 6 February and at the moment this route direction differs very popular among passengers. Nevertheless, the management of the airline said that flights on the existing schedule will be carried out before the end of March, and then, most likely in the schedules of the airlines will change, particularly during times of departure and arrival.

The minimum cost of a fare in one direction, without taking into account additional fees, is 999 rubles, which is one order of magnitude cheaper than on airliners of other air operators.

Slavic say that the etymology of the word "victory" in Russian, is the root of "trouble", that is, it is a victory "for trouble", ie: after the disaster ...
Interestingly ...
The root of this word very proud sonorous joyless - the word trouble. Victory means overcoming troubles liberation from the scourge. In our history, those two words always go next - first matter, then win. And the more trouble the more significant victories. And the combination of the Great Victory means that trouble, which beat our people was great, so what could endure and overcome only great nation.