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Ryanair Airline


Loucoster "RyanAir" offers flights from 470 rubles

Irish loukoster "RyanAir" pleased its passengers with an incredible sale.

At the moment it is known that the airline "RyanAir" announced an incredible sale of tickets, in particular, the carrier plans to sell 500 thousand tickets at low prices. So, based on the information available to, the flight from London to Oslo will cost passengers 5,99 pounds (about 470 rubles - ed.), The cost of the flight from Newcastle to Madrid will be 14,99 pound (about 1180 rubles), and to fly from Birmingham to Barcelona will be only for 16,99 pound (approximately 1340 rubles).

Representatives of the airline believe that tickets will be bought out within a few weeks, however, experts believe that in fact, it will happen in less than 72 hours.


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