Lufthansa stop flights from Ekaterinburg.


Lufthansa stop flights from Ekaterinburg.

8 November 2013. Air carrier Lufthansa stops operating flights to Frankfurt-on-Main from Koltsovo starting from 22 January 2014.

The direction became unprofitable due to a sharp rise in fuel prices and maintenance of the aircraft, as well as the emergence of competition. The majority of passengers fly to Europe from Ekaterinburg with transit through Moscow. This is sometimes cheaper than direct flights.

The airline management reported that passengers who already purchased tickets for flights after 22 January will be redirected to other air carriers that fly to Moscow, after which the German Lufthansa will take them on board.

Besides Yekaterinburg, Lufthansa closed routes from Kazan and Perm to Frankfurt from April 1 2013 years.