Alexander Lukashenko


Lukashenko: Russia has lost Belarus, as the last Western ally

Belarus does not want to be a Russian ally anymore.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko made a sensational statement that Russia has lost Belarus forever as its reliable western ally, and there is no more talk about creating a union state between the two countries.

According to the President of Belarus, Russia does not demonstrate a partnership, which is due to Russia's intentions to discuss the so-called tax maneuver in the oil sector, the refusal to comply with the agreement of the Eurasian Economic Community, attempts to impose its policies on Belarus, etc. Allied relations are not worth it.

“If the leadership of Russia chooses such a path of movement and the loss of its only ally in the western direction, it is their choice. We can't make them. ”, - Alexander Lukashenko stressed.

According to analysts, the statement of the Belarusian leader can seriously worsen relations between Belarus and Russia, including in the political and military sphere, since, relatively recently, Belarusian experts have announced that in the near future Belarus will refuse to host Russia on its territory. military facilities and limit the presence of the Russian military in their bases.

who threw the paper to lift it. Ved Russian people are not like that so that the thrown garbage to raise and bend their backs.

But who needs them? They are parasites who only give cheap gas and oil.
Let Lukashenka not forget about polite people ...

What the fuck is a friend from Kazakhstan !? A traitor and not a friend. Nazarbayev at the first opportunity ran a half-bent towards Trump

Putin has done everything to alienate Russia's most loyal friends - Belarus and Kazakhstan.
International Zionism could not even dream of this in a dream. Apparently, it was not for nothing that the general from NATO declared that Putin was a gift for NATO.