Alexander Lukashenko


Lukashenka claims that NATO "tilts" and "lowers" Russia

The President of Belarus spoke about how he sees the policy of Russia and NATO.

According to the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, the West is trying to demonstrate to the whole world that with the help of tough dialogue and sanctions, Russia can be “tilted and humiliated”, which is one of the means of struggle between NATO and Russia.

“See what is happening in Ukraine. And we got to Belarus. We are almost ready to take us into NATO, only, of course, so that the government changes, there is more democracy, something else. Previously, this is not talked about. There is a struggle, and at the same time one of the directions is when Russia is "tilted", trying to be "lowered". This is also a struggle for Russia. It will not be easy, so we need to collect brains in a heap, set a goal and go to it. And we can do it. ”- said Alexander Lukashenko.

The statement of the Belarusian leader has already been considered provocative and provocative, due to the regularly arising disputes between the two countries. Nevertheless, experts are convinced that in reality, Lukashenka is trying to demonstrate that by pooling efforts, the West can be resisted.

“Despite the insulting words for Lukashenka for Russia, the Belarusian president is trying to show that the West cannot with Russia, and is only trying to demonstrate its strength through tough dialogue”, - the analyst notes.

On the other hand, Russia had previously offered Belarus to create military bases on its territory and deploy military aviation facilities here in order to confront NATO and the West together, but the Belarusian authorities refused to do this, which also causes a lot of doubts in the allied obligations of this state.

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