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Lyashko: US betrayed Ukraine for Russia's sake

The stupid statement of Lyashko made the United States and Russia laugh.

Against the backdrop of the US accusations against Ukraine about the supply of engines for Chinese combat training aircraft JL-10, the Ukrainian side reacted rather violently, noting that the US is not playing in favor of Ukraine.

Leader of the Radical Party of Ukraine Oleg Lyashko, openly stated that the US does not protect the Ukrainian side, but actively lobbies Russia's interests, which leads to destabilization of the situation in the country. As an example of the negative behavior of the United States, Lyashko cited the situation with the same Motor Sich JSC, in whose products the United States of America is not interested, but Washington does not allow the sale of demanded products to other countries, including China. According to the People's Deputy of Ukraine, this could lead to the bankruptcy of one of the leading Ukrainian enterprises.

Statements by Oleg Lyashko and Motor Sich JSC began to be actively discussed on the Internet, in particular, users from the US and Russia deride reproaches against the US and Russia.

"Today, the US lobbying for Russia's interests, tomorrow Ukraine will accuse Russia of the fact that its economy is developing better than Ukraine. What will happen the day after tomorrow? "

"It was impossible to expect a more stupid statement from Ukraine. Just think, the US is lobbying for Russia's interests! "

Earlier in the Chinese media there was information that in the event of the termination of supplies of Ukrainian engines under a previously concluded contract to China, the PRC authorities are ready to recover from Ukraine a large fine and sever cooperation in other areas, which can be a serious blow to the Ukrainian economy.

One ukruintsy can not understand. that for Pindostan the main interests and Khokhlostan are simply used as a product No. 2. Because of such a product, no one will want to fight with Russia.