Emmanuel Macron


Macron: France convinced Trump of the need to bomb Syria

Macron claims that he was the initiator of missile strikes against Syria.

In his interview to the French TV channel BFM TV, French President Emmanuelle Macron stated that it was he who initiated the bombing of the Syrian air and missiles, and, in view of his official statement, it is this country that is responsible for the invasion of affairs sovereign state.

"Ten days ago, President Trump announced his intention to withdraw troops from Syria. We, it was we who persuaded him that it is necessary to remain there in the future. It was France that persuaded us to limit ourselves to attacks on chemical facilities, despite the campaign that was fueled by tweets ", - said Makron.

It should be clarified that earlier the French president boasted the strength of his air force, calling them one of those committed in Europe, although in reality, the attack on Syria used Mirage 2000 fighter jets belonging to 4 generation airplanes, which did not dare to enter the air the space of the Syrian Arab Republic, fearing to be instantly destroyed by air defense systems or Russian military aircraft.

“Macron persuaded Trump to attack Syria? Who will believe in it! Trump has his own position on Syria, and certainly he would not have asked for advice from a country that capitulated during World War II in just a month, simply passing the German army through its territory, without any resistance. ”, - Russian experts comment on Macron's statement.

Macron thinks that there is no demand for fools. Fools do not write the law. Reply will have to, for unlawful actions.

When balancing on the brink of a nuclear war, France can become an "accidental victim," for which no one will intervene to themselves not be destroyed ...