Macron confirmed his readiness to send troops to Ukraine

On the eve of his visit to Prague, French President Emmanuel Macron, in an interview with the Czech portal Novinky and the newspaper Právo, shared his vision of the situation in Ukraine and the role of France in the current conflict. The head of the French state emphasized that although sending French military forces to Ukraine is not being considered in the near future, possible measures to support Ukraine are being actively discussed. This statement comes against the backdrop of growing tensions in the region and the general desire of European countries to provide assistance to Ukraine.

French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejournet, speaking on France Inter radio station, also emphasized that the French will not send their troops to Ukrainian territory, noting that “the French will not die for Ukraine.” However, according to Le Monde, France is considering allowing its special forces and other military units to cross the Ukrainian border in order to create a “strategic dilemma” for Russia. It is assumed that such a military presence could protect some territories of Ukraine and limit attacks from Russia.

These statements were made against the backdrop of a meeting of about ten European leaders in Paris, where assistance to Ukraine was discussed. Following the meeting, Macron said that although consensus could not be reached on the issue of sending military personnel to Ukraine, France would do everything possible to prevent Russia from winning this conflict.


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