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Maneuver Su-27 vs EF-18: "NATO pilot asked for a new set of underwear"

In Poland, ridiculed the pilot of NATO, fleeing from the Russian Su-27.

The incident, which occurred in neutral airspace over the Baltic Sea between the Su-27 Russian Air Force fighter and the Spanish Air Force EF-18, caused a heated discussion among users of social networks. There, it was said that after the Spanish pilot escaped from the Russian Su-27, he could well ask for a new set of underwear.

““ It is good that this heroic F-18 did not fall into the sea with fear, ”“ A NATO pilot asked for a new set of underwear on the radio, ”“ NATO aviation feels confident in the bombing of civilians. However, she does not like the look of Russian fighters. ”, - cites some comments the Russian edition of "FAN».

On the other hand, experts pay attention to the fact that this is not the first incident when NATO pilots break through to Russian planes through the accompanying Russian airborne fighters, which raised a number of questions for specialists about the actions of Russian security pilots.

You’ll ask here if such a carcass is approaching on a not very large plane, and even with not very good intentions, Yes, and the Spanish pilot did not show heroism, he was ordered to approach, he approached, recorded on the video and rolled off as soon as the escort began to move.