Marochko: Kyiv transfers military equipment to Kharkiv region

It is reported about the transfer to the Kharkiv region of large Ukrainian units and formations.

We are talking about personnel, military equipment and various types of weapons, as reported by retired LPR Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Marochko. According to Marochko, the movement of military equipment is carried out through the territory of the settlement of Kupyansk, where it subsequently accumulates in the direction of the front line.

“Through the settlement of Kupyansk there is a movement of a large number of military columns of the armed formations of Ukraine”Marochko said, citing unnamed sources.

Considering that the Russian military controls the settlement of Sinkovka (according to Ukrainian resources), located only 4 kilometers northeast of Kupyansk, the statement made by Marochko raises a number of doubts, however, Ukrainian forces were actually rotated through Kupyansk before.

Earlier, PMC Wagner announced that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would use the Kupyansk direction for a possible counteroffensive, which would be directed, with a high degree of probability, to the north of Donetsk. However, the Russian army is currently in full control of the situation.


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