Airline Cupid


Between Tynda and launch direct flights from Khabarovsk

The carrier "Cupid" will open passenger flights Tynda - Khabarovsk.

As representatives of the Russian air carrier, a new passenger flight that will link Tynda from Khabarovsk, will begin to be implemented already this fall - a more precise date of commencement of flights between these cities will be known later.

Passenger-route in routing Tynda - Khabarovsk will be made with a frequency of twice a week, at the same time, as it became known, flights will be subsidized from the state budget, which is quite likely to attract a sufficient number of passengers to flights were considered profitable.

Flights between the capital of BAM and Khabarovsk will be carried out on the aircraft AN-24, the capacity of which is 36 people.