Airline IrAero


Between Vladivostok and Omsk there were direct flights

Airline "IrAero" proceeds to flights from Vladivostok to Omsk.

The first passenger flight from Vladivostok to Omsk will take place today - according to the information portal, flights from Vladivostok to Omsk will be made on Mondays at 5 hours 20 minutes. It is assumed that new passenger flights will become very popular among passengers, especially since until today, it was possible to get to Omsk from Vladivostok only with an additional transfer in Novosibirsk.

Depending on departure date, the cost of air travel from Vladivostok to Omsk will range from 18 thousand rubles, thus, the flights will be operated by the airline "IrAero" on comfortable airplanes SSJ-100.