Investigation of the disaster in Ukraine


International experts have extended the investigation of the crash in Ukraine until August next year

Air Crash investigation Boeing 777 in Ukraine extended for another 9 months.

As it became known, the extension of the investigation of the plane crash of the Malaysian Boeing aircraft is due to the fact that at the moment there are only basic versions of the incident, but none of them has been officially proven. In particular, it should be noted that experts from Holland are inclined to two main versions - the plane could be destroyed either by a rocket of the "ground-air" class or by firing from an air cannon from another aircraft.

All the facts pointing to the one or another version carefully checked, and it is expected that the declaration of a plane crash that occurred will be published no earlier than August of the following year.

At the same time, at the site of the plane crash, fragments of the airliner are being prepared for removal, and in parallel experts are searching for more 7 unidentified bodies of victims of the crash of an airliner.