New in routing


Voronezh International Airport opens new in routing

Voronezh Airport It starts to develop its route directions, opening new flights.

Starting from 1 in November of the current year, flights from Voronezh airport will be operated to Mineralnye Vody, which will be operated 3 once a week by the airlineAk Bars Aero". Starting 4 December 2014, flights from Yerevan will be made from Voronezh, however, according to preliminary data, the air flight will be made only once a week, which does not exclude the increase in the number of flights with the increase in passenger traffic in this direction.

In addition, from Voronezh airport will also operate flights to Moscow, which will take place "Aeroflot" airline. The first flight in this direction should be held in March 25 2015 years.