Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministry spoke about the futility of American "Patriot" against Soviet missiles

Soviet cruise missiles made the Saudi Patriot missile defense system completely useless.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia, Adele Al-Jubair, as part of a speech to the Committee on Foreign Relations in the European Parliament in Brussels, unexpectedly announced the futility of the American Patriot missile defense systems put into service.

“On Tuesday, Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubair said that a group of Hussites (Ansar Allah) fired 300 rockets and 100 unmanned aerial vehicles in the direction of Saudi Arabia. Al-Jubair in his speech to the Committee on Foreign Relations in the European Parliament in Brussels did not mention the losses caused by the Saudi attacks on the Hussites since March 2015, when the Kingdom led the Arab-Arab coalition in support of President Yemen Abdrabbuh. Mansour Hadi and his internationally recognized government in the war against the Iranian-backed Hussite group- reports the publication "Debrifier".

Given the lack of earlier statements about repulsing Hushite attacks, analysts believe that most of the attacks by the Yemeni rebels were successful - systems Patriot demonstrated utter futilityhowever, Riyadh tried its best to hush up leaks of such data.

It should be noted that most of the missiles fired across the territory of Saudi Arabia are modernized versions of Soviet missiles, including the X-55 cruise missiles

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