Rocket R-73 Pennant


MiG-21 did not have time to bring down the Pakistani F-16

The MiG-21 fighter did not manage to shoot down the F-16 fighter of the Pakistan Air Force.

Despite statements by the media in India that during the incident that occurred on the border of India and Pakistan, the MiG-21 fighter was able to destroy the Pakistani F-16, it became known that this was not true - the Pakistan Defense Ministry showed P-missiles 73 "Vympel" from the downed Indian MiG-21.

Earlier, India claimed that the MiG-21 fighter, which was shot down by a Pakistani fighter, managed to launch a missile, which, in turn, hit the Pakistani combat aircraft. Considering the fact, and it was confirmed by the Ministry of Defense of India, that the fighter was carrying two missiles, none of them was fired.

“The 2 P-73 missiles found on the fragments of the MiG-21 were not released, while in India they claim that the MiG-21 had shot down the F-16 before it was shot down by itself. Classic liars, which are the Indian Air Force and the Indian media, are trying to hide their own humiliation ", - stated in Pakistan.

On the other hand, it remains unknown that none of the missiles could detonate when they hit the ground, which was immediately picked up by Indian media, stressing that it took Pakistan almost a month to create the Vympel P-73 mockups.

The picture shows two different rockets. This speaks in favor of the fact that the MiG had 4 rockets. Two of one kind, two of the other.

on MIG 21 BIS 4 rocket, not 2!

In the words of Bismarck: They never lie as they did in war, after fishing, and before elections!