Uk defense minister


UK Secretary of Defense pledged problems for Russia

The British defense minister threatened Russia with new problems.

The head of the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain, Gavin Williamson, stated that against the background of Russian provocative actions that she is taking against European countries and NATO member countries, Russia will pay a high price.

“NATO must develop the ability to cope with the provocations that Russia is satisfied with respect to us. Such actions on the part of Russia should be costly. If you just talk and not act, then there is a risk that our country will be perceived no more dangerous than a paper tiger. ”- said Williamson.

What exactly the head of the UK Ministry of Defense understands as “provocations”, Williamson did not elaborate, but analysts believe that it can be a question of Russia's withdrawal from the Treaty on the Elimination of Medium and Small-Range Missiles, but in this case, Russia only took mirror measures against the background from DRSMD USA.

Experts, in turn, propose not to pay attention to the words of Williamson, noting that this is not the first, and certainly not the last attack in the direction of Russia, for example, a year earlier, British Prime Minister Theresa May did say that the Air Force Britain is ready to fight with Russia.

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