Ministry of Defense: An attack on Russia could begin with a global strike

According to the RIA Novosti agency, referring to a publication in the Military Thought magazine, published by the Russian Ministry of Defense, military experts are considering the scenario of an air-land or air-sea operation against Russia, starting with a quick global strike, followed by several massive missile and air strikes. Particular attention is paid to studying the possibility of creating a new type of military formations - the so-called “joint operational formations” (JOF), including interspecific compact, mobile and multi-sphere groupings of troops. The goal of such formations is to quickly inflict a comprehensive defeat on the administrative-political and military-industrial infrastructure of the enemy in all areas.

The material emphasizes that the active phase of United Nations Front operations can be preceded by provocative, potentially aggressive actions. The authors of the article emphasize that such developments represent an expansion of the system of threats to Russia in the military aspect and form new requirements for the level of ensuring the country’s national security. In this context, a special role is assigned to the Aerospace Forces (VKS) of the Russian Federation, whose importance in the overall structure of military conflicts, according to experts, should be significantly increased by equipping them with new and modernized types of weapons.


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