The Ministry of Defense announced the purchase of 36 fighters Su-30SM

The RF Ministry of Defense decided to strengthen the 36 VXS with Su-30SM fighter jets.

Due to the fact that the multifunctional Russian Su-30SM fighters were able to prove themselves, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation decided to purchase another 36 of these aircraft, which would seriously increase the defense capability of the country.

The purchase of 36 Su-30SM fighter aircraft will be carried out within the framework of a three-year contract, i. in fact, by the year of 2022 they will be transferred to the Ministry of Defense of Russia, from which they will start arriving at the places of their permanent deployment for combat duty. The total value of the contract is still unknown, but analysts believe that it is about the sum of the order of 70 billion rubles (based on the estimated value of one aircraft - note ed.).

It should be clarified that the Russian Su-30 fighters are perfectly suited for various combat missions, including for air combat, destruction of ground and sea targets. Moreover, the perspective of this aircraft is also underlined by the growing interest on the part of other countries, in particular, we are talking about India, Algeria, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, etc.