Interception in Syria


Russian Defense Ministry Announces Interception of Russian High-ranking Officer by Americans in Syria

The Russian general was intercepted by the US military.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has confirmed the interception by the US military of a Russian high-ranking officer in the Syrian city of Manbij. The incident happened about a year ago, however, representatives of the Russian defense department decided to hide this fact from the very beginning until they started talking about it in Washington.

According to the Russian side, the interception of the Russian general did take place, however, the situation was defused thanks to the effective operation of the military channels.

“During this period, all parties operating on the earth had to constantly coordinate their actions to avoid conflict situations. Therefore, the case presented by the American representative is a good example of the effectiveness of the existing channels of interaction between the military of the two countries in Syria. ”, - the Russian defense department reports.

What specific Russian general was in question, representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense did not report, however, the incident is very serious, since the American side knew about the displacement of a Russian high-ranking officer.

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