The US Defense Ministry blames Russia for dangerous flights over the Baltic Sea

Russian fighter Su-27 critically approached the American airplane over the Baltic.

Information about the evoking behavior of the Russian military pilot was voiced today by one of the representatives of the Pentagon, in turn, stressing that the incident that occurred on Tuesday could become a provocation and lead to human casualties. According to the representative of the Pentagon, the distance at which the Russian Su-27 flew near the American aircraft was only 6 meters.

At the moment, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has not yet responded to the statement, but, in fact, the Russian plane took off for interception, while not violating the borders of another state, which complies with the rules.

Ttut rather refers to the cowardice amerikosovsky pilot and it was his lack of professionalism if he would fly again near the territory Rosii- in the other hemisphere, our best pilots in the world on the world's best aircraft will fly at a distance from him and 3 m, and if an order is professionally destroyed

Amerikosy, someday they will finish. As one man said
USA we will bury in the Pacific.

It's true, nefig fly where the dog did not ask ... Russians Respect and uvazhuha ..

Obas ..... Amer brave warriors. It's not in the Hollywood cardboard shoot