ARC Dagger


The US Department of Defense announced a competition for the development of protection against the ARC "Dagger"

The United States saw a serious threat from the Dagger air missile systems.

Russia became the first country to officially adopt a hypersonic weapon. Today on combat duty are Dagger aircraft missile systems, and if initially at the Pentagon they stated that Russian hypersonic missiles are not a problem for the United States, the day before, the Deputy Head of the United States Department of Defense (Pentagon) Michael Griffin, who announced a tender for the development of protection systems against hypersonic ammunition, expressed serious concern.

The appearance of hypersonic armament in Russia became known this spring, and if today only the Dagger complex consisting of an aircraft carrier and a X-47X2 hypersonic rocket is in service with Russia, next year in the Russian army will arrive complexes "Avangard"able to accelerate a hypersonic rocket up to speed in 25 thousand. Km / h.

A key feature of the hypersonic armament of Russia is its complete invulnerability to air defense and missile defense, in fact, the radar can not even detect flying at speeds above 12,25 thousand km / h. ammunition that allows you to destroy important strategic and tactical objects, destroy the enemy's air defense and missile defense systems.