Rocket and Poroshenko


The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine discusses the creation of missiles capable of reaching the Urals

Ukraine intends to begin the development of long-range missiles.

Former Deputy Head of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Igor Romanenko said that Kiev should think about creating long-range missiles capable of hitting targets up to the Urals. According to Romanenko, this is an important step to ensure the security of Ukraine against the background of Russia's withdrawal from the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Short-Range Missiles.

“But on the part of Ukraine, which is forced to wage war against Russia and defend itself, so far there have been no statements that we are withdrawing from this treaty [PRSID]. Is it normal?"- declared Romanenko.

As the former deputy head of the General Staff of Ukraine notes, ideally, it is required to arm the Ukrainian army with rockets that could cover the entire territory of Russia, which, in turn, was seen by experts as an unsuccessful joke.

“The creation of“ Neptune ”on the basis of the Soviet rocket inspired Ukraine so much, which led to the insanity of Kiev. With the current base, funds and the collapse of defense enterprises, Ukraine will need billions of dollars only for a project that, by the way, it does not need, not to mention that the development itself can take 2-3 for decades. ”, - the expert notes.