MiG-29 Ukraine


Ukrainian Defense Ministry accused of large-scale fraud with the MiG-29

Ukraine has a large-scale scam with MiG fighters.

A special commission of the Verkhovna Rada uncovers an unprecedented scam of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. According to Interfax, referring to the story of Commission Chairman Ivan Venik, when servicing combat aircraft, the Ministry of Defense and Ukroboronprom sent for repair MiG-29 aircraft, which allegedly lacked engines.

Of course, the engines of fighters were not removed, but due to this, two contracts were concluded. At the same time, the aircraft company that repaired the MiG-29 was calculated by these fighters. In particular, as it turned out, the factory received three combat vehicles as payment. Somewhat later, as Venik clarified, the plant sold them for several million dollars.

The head of the commission assured that all documents proving violations and corruption schemes will be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada on March 14th.

It should be emphasized that the sale of weapons and military equipment in Ukraine is far from uncommon. For example, the military and representatives of the military-industrial complex were accused of selling old tank engines under the guise of new ones. In early April, 2017, two Ukrainian citizens tried to send guns to Poland from the AK-630 naval artillery. Particularly interesting in this story was that the cargo was arrested by the Poles. Ukrainian customs smuggled contraband.

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