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Ministry of Transport will limit the rise in prices for air tickets to the World Cup-2018

The Ministry of Transport intends to limit the increase in the cost of air tickets for the time of the World Cup 2018.

At the moment, the information and news agency has information that the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation is considering the possibility of limiting the growth of the cost of air tickets for the time of the World Cup in Russia - 2018. What specific measures are expected to be taken, while it remains unknown, but earlier it was reported that some domestic air carriers have increased the cost of air tickets to those cities in Russia where it is planned to hold FM-2018 matches, due to what the Ministry of Transport's reaction may be ineffective.

Most of the air transportation will fall on the Russian air carrier Aeroflot, however, other companies, including foreign air operators, will take part in the transportation of fans, and experts do not exclude that in some cases, even charter flights of foreign carriers will be cheaper, than transportation of domestic airlines.

It should be noted that earlier the head of Aeroflot announced its readiness to transport fans to the matches of the World Cup 2018 for only 5 rubles.