Opinion: "The Gripen E pilot will get lucky, if he even notices the Su-57"

The pilot of the Swedish Gripen E may not even notice the Russian Su-35 and Su-57.

The provocative statement made by the Swedish Ministry of Defense that the latest Swedish fighter Gripen E will become the "murderer" of the Russian combat aircraft Su-30, Su-35 and Su-57, was quickly criticized by specialists. According to analysts, the Swedish fighter has no chance to win the Russian Su-30CM and Su-35 in battle, not to mention the much more powerful fifth-generation fighter Su-57.

“The Swedish Air Force commander Mats Helgesson probably lives in a parallel Universe, if he believes that the Gripen E fighter can be compared in power with the Russian Su-35 and Su-57. At best, the Gripen E pilot will be able to approach the Russian combat aircraft over a distance of 50-80 kilometers, at which point everything will be over for him. If a pilot of a Swedish combat aircraft notice a Russian fighter, it will already be a miracle for Swedish aircraft manufacturers. ”, - notes specialist, commenting on the outcome of the air combat of two fighters.

Analysts point out that Sweden has never been famous for any innovative military technical solutions in the field of aviation, and therefore the words of the Swedish Air Force commander Mats Helgesson are nothing more than an attempt to demonstrate the importance of the Swedish Air Force.

Two of our pilots are singing the song, "What did it say say? -" Mirage, Mirage. "


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