The bomber Tu-22M3M


Upgraded Tu-22M3M will be useless against aircraft carriers

Experts were skeptical about the appearance of the modernized Tu-22M3M bomber.

On the eve of the day in Russia, the long-range strategic bomber-missile carrier of the new generation Tu-22M3M, which has been dubbed the "killer of aircraft carriers", was officially introduced. Despite significant improvements, military analysts estimate that the aircraft will not be able to cope with an aircraft carrier strike group, even if armed with the latest anti-ship and hypersonic missiles.

Increased range, modern target designation and navigation, as well as new weapons - according to analysts, will not make the long-range strategic bomber Tu-22М3М a "killer" of aircraft carriers. Experts explain their opinion primarily by the fact that even with the use of X-47М2 hypersonic missiles, at least 8-10 units will be required to destroy their aircraft carrier, and at least 10 long-range bombers will be required to destroy the entire carrier-based strike group , and it provided that the attack for the enemy will be a complete surprise.

"The upgraded Tu-22M3M bombers will definitely enhance the defense capability of the Russian army, but to assert that thanks to these aircrafts Russia will be able to secure its supremacy in the world, it can be considered, at least, unfair", - the expert emphasizes.

A pair of Tu-22 lightweight drown aircraft carrier ... liberators-enemies of Russia

Long nose, you're another human fool. Lied on public view of his fantasies and pleased with himself. I will not explain to the child what and how, I served 17 in military aviation for years. I'll tell you so, 2 bomber and a couple of links of assault aircraft are able to accomplish the task of destroying the aircraft carrier with all its impact potential. All possible options for the development of the situation in the event of a clash between our aviation or fleet with the US aviation group have long been envisaged and calculated to the smallest detail. And such schoolchildren like you can only be clever by inserting into their comments this data from Google. Teach your son and do not stick your nose where the dog is ...

marvel, I can read everything. missile carrier ... !!!! it is not included in the air defense zone of the aircraft carrier group, it beats missiles from behind its borders! So the modernization of the carrier for this task was more efficient ... what is there to break the spears here?

the highest stupidity, to approach the aircraft carrier for the range of its air defense! The missile carrier is needed in order to deliver strikes without entering the zone of enemy air ... modernizing the aircraft can be decades, the main thing is to create during the newest means of destruction!

and in what place was this fight, I would like to know more ...

Russian and Soviet, already matters. Learn.

Someone is drowning aircraft carriers, and somebody is drowning in women

You do not know anything about aircraft carriers.

To disable the aircraft carrier, you need to hit 8-10 missiles.

To 8-10 missiles broke through to the aircraft carrier through the missile defense of his aircraft, through the missile defense of his ship's convoy, and through his own DANGEROUS SHOT 700 missiles.

To release simultaneously 700 missiles on an aircraft carrier, all Russian aviation, concentrated in ONE place, is needed. At the same time, most of it will be destroyed.

Here is a real example: More recently, an American destroyer shot down a volley of three Russian missiles fired from the shore in the UPOR. After that, all the 3 radar and all 3 launchers were destroyed by retaliatory retaliation.

And now count-how many escort aircraft carriers only destroyers! And how close the plane can fly before releasing its rocket! Own aircraft protects the aircraft carrier within a radius of 300 miles! Children! If you went to study somewhere.

Back in 2005, our "Sushki" successfully attacked the aircraft carrier, the class "Nimitz" being at the level of the deck. Then a wave of shit arose, the United States sent a note of protest to Russia. But the Yankees were furious because the aircraft carrier's air defense simply did not detect our aircraft.

Type repainted?

the plane was good in the 20 century! At the moment, the quality of modernization is a shame and deceit! In order to put the aircraft carrier out of action, it must still be delivered to the USSR In order to launch a missile at least one! In the USSR there were MRA divisions in naval aviation to fight aircraft carriers!

Articles sometimes make me laugh. In the opinion of which experts? Who are these wretches and what are they educated and do they know the structure of aircraft carriers? After all, it is not necessary to sink it, but enough to damage something and it will have to go back to the base. And who said that the Dagger can not use a rocket with JAW?

For an aircraft carrier, one missile will suffice once again to scramble on the take-off deck and all this iron turns into useless rubbish, so these ixperds need to learn more about the materiel and do not carry any blizzard

The capabilities of this aircraft are known to a very "narrow circle of specialists", the capabilities of American weapons are known to all stray dogs. It's time to look at the world not by the clouded brains of nightingales, guns ....

Of course! On TU-22 it's difficult to fly to the aircraft carrier imperceptibly. But you still need to hover over it low (not to miss), open the bomb-lash by hand and kick the bulb out of it ...

As far as I understand, the main difficulty is to fly to an aircraft carrier group and take aim. As you know, escort ships have an impressive arsenal of air defense

These aircraft carriers of the US are a useless rubbish against Russia and the most attractive target for Russian sailors and aviators who "will not allow a carrier group to the theater of operations for a cannon shot"

the brute ???

... 8-10 ... And who said that the warhead will be explosive? There is an option in a more serious way. Enough of one.


Gentlemen experts, I served, and after I worked in aviation for more than 30 years and declare that I do not know much about it. Although I am considered a great specialist (I'm an engineer). And I understand perfectly well that the capabilities of this aircraft are known to a very narrow circle of people - primarily the chief designer. I advise you to rethink your very poor knowledge in this field.

The right thought. First of all, we must think about women, and in the second, as an aircraft carrier from the system to withdraw.

Do you propose to drown women instead of aircraft carriers?

To destroy AOG, contrary to the author's claim, there is enough 8-10 missiles - there is no aircraft carrier and AUG becomes nonsense, i.e. nonsense. Orphaned satellites of the aircraft carrier can plow and threaten, but their functions will change like the name - UG.

Now they fight and to women :)) these warriors are called crocheted :))

No need to disguise the beautiful plane. It can be seen that the experts saw them only in pictures

One plane was never sent to destroy the aircraft carrier. For in the sea operates AUG or AUS. To destroy them is determined by the necessary outfit of forces and means, consisting of several aircraft. The aircraft carrier is considered disabled if it ceases take-off operations. So you do not have to disguise the beautiful plane. Pity the price to such experts.

All floating are provided with 2 control tubes. Still. 1 or 2 missiles and aircraft carrier barge.

In one thing I do not agree with you, Ivan Petrovich: the destroyers never had armor.

I believe that all men only think about the war, how to sink someone else's aircraft carrier, and about women who will think?

A home-grown expert, not seeing firsthand the self, I'm not talking about the knowledge of his weapons systems after the improvements, trying to hang noodles on his ears.
Is this expert not from "Military parity"? There will be enough such

Strange experts, one nuclear munition will destroy the entire warrant, one high-explosive missile getting into the aircraft carrier completely disables the take-off deck and how this place will fight, and if there are two or three hits with such missiles, the explosion does not take place at the side of the aircraft carrier, the missile penetrates into the depths, it means that not only the take-off strip will suffer, but also the control and movement systems. When testing the Mosquito cruise missile in the Barents Sea, she thoroughly patted the old destroyer, and there an armored shield.

The carrier group without a working aircraft carrier's runway is simply a strong squadron. To take off the take-off, enough and 1 missiles.