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Lightning: social networks warn of new Israeli attacks on Syria

A few minutes ago, Israeli fighters were spotted near the Syrian border.

According to information made public on the Twitter microblogging network, A few minutes ago, fighters of the Israeli Air Force were seen in the sky over the eastern part of Lebanon, just a few kilometers from the Syrian border.. Against this background, a warning was issued about the readiness of Israel to launch new rocket attacks on the Arab Republic, as it happened a day ago.

It is known that the Israeli Air Force fighters have not yet hit Syria, but a day ago, the attack of Israeli combat aircraft was quite a surprise, which was due to the approach to the missile launch point at ultra-low altitude, which allowed F-16 fighters to avoid radar Syrian and Russian air defense systems.

Last night, the Israeli Air Force struck at least 8 rocket attacks on the suburbs of the Syrian capital, while at least one missile could hit the selected target, as evidenced by the video footage of the destruction of the rocket depot.

Moreover, it was possible to establish that Israeli fighters were hiding behind civilian airliners, including the plane of the domestic carrier Aeroflot.

Sorry for the mistake. The penultimate sentence should be read as follows:
And the fact that NOT all knock down ... (hereinafter referred to)

If you carefully read the Old Testament, it becomes clear why the Jews are doing what they are doing. Such an Old Testament “morality” has been invested in their brains for thousands of years, eventually becoming entangled in an unbreakable conglomerate. And nothing can be done about it, no matter how we spit in their direction. Yes, they are mean and disgusting, but ... But this is judged from our point of view, or, as we believe, from the point of view of normal people. It is difficult for us to understand their logic and their actions, because we are brought up differently, very differently. Read the Old Testament, much will be revealed. A lot of things. At first it will be incomprehensible and boring to read, but SUCH you need to know.
However, for all that the Jews are doing in Syria, I personally see (no matter how cynically it sounds) a positive aspect, namely the run-in of Russian military technologies. And the fact that everyone is knocking down ... the stakes are too high to reveal their potential to the enemy. Not time yet.

Your “base airfield” campaign has already been bombed)))

Cowardly and vile Jewish pilots, it’s necessary to destroy their planes, then they will no longer turn up. As before in the war with Egypt when Israeli phantoms fell three pieces per day

Nasty Jews. Long overdue, it would be time to destroy the airfields based on their aircraft. Long live Hezbollah.


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