Newlyweds crashed in a helicopter 2 hours after the wedding

In Texas, a helicopter crashed with the newlyweds.

Last Saturday, in the US state of Texas, a small private helicopter crashed, carrying newlyweds on board - students Bailey Ackerman and Will Beyler, who were married just two hours before the tragedy. On board the helicopter there were three people - the pilot and the newlyweds themselves, and as the investigators managed to establish, the main cause of the crash of the rotary-wing aircraft was the pilot's mistake, which could not lift the helicopter to a sufficient height, resulting in crashing into the hillside.

It is known that the aircraft crashed almost a few minutes after taking off from the ranch - the helicopter crashed into a hill located two kilometers from the take-off site, however, as noted with the rescue service, the tragedy became known only a few hours later.

The tragedy has shocked not only the relatives of the victims, but also all of the United States of America.

“These two spent their last day on earth, surrounded by the most dear and close ones. I think this is truly the best day of their lives. ”, - said a friend of the dead newlyweds.