Shenyang J-31 fighter


China's maritime aviation will become the most powerful in the world

China plans to equip its aircraft carriers with fifth-generation fighters.

Previously, the information resource already reported that the testing of the second fifth generation fighter Shenyang J-31, developed in China, has reached its final stage, which implies the speedy launch of these aircraft into mass production. According to the Chinese edition of Sina, these fighters will become the main means of China's naval aviation, which will allow China to gain a lot of advantages, even compared to the United States.

According to this edition of Sina, 2025 plans to produce at least a hundred of the latest fifth-generation Shenyang J-31 fighters, which by their capabilities and characteristics far exceed the fourth-generation fighter aircraft in service with the US Navy, and, according to experts, To compare on fighting qualities and fighters F-35.

"Thanks to the emergence of fifth generation fighters in the armed forces of the CPC, China can become the owner of the most powerful naval aviation in the world", - says the publication.

Among other things, experts believe that due to the appearance of the second fifth-generation fighter in China’s armed forces, the balance of military forces on the planet may change significantly, since in the future Egypt, Iran, Pakistan and a number of other countries can buy Shenyang J-31 fighters more that the cost of these planes will be relatively small.