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Murakhovsky: in the USA "offended" on the Russian hypersonic weapon

A Russian military expert spoke about the "resentment" of the United States to Russia.

Military expert of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland” Viktor Murakhovsky decided to comment on the statement of the American General Joseph Dunford, who, speaking at the Pentagon, stressed that Russian military power has come to an endAnd by the middle of the next decade, the main opponent of the United States will not be Russia, but China.

According to Viktor Murakhovsky, today Russia is actively developing new types of weapons, which was not observed even during the Soviet Union, as a result of which, the attempts of the US Department of Defense to make Russia weak are only provocations. Moreover, the military expert believes that in the United States they were simply “offended” at the development of hypersonic weapons in Russia, which in the United States is only at the project stage, in connection with which, the statements by Joseph Dunford are far from reality and completely incompetent, because in fact, in recent years, the United States has not developed any significant types of weapons and military equipment.

It should be clarified that the United States really expressed extreme concern about the appearance of hypersonic armament in Russia, which not only hit targets in virtually every corner of the planet for a few minutes, but also makes it possible to destroy air defense / missile defense systems, strategic and tactical military facilities, aircraft carriers and etc.