Airplane and helicopter


50-60 combat aircraft and helicopters can be stationed at Khmeimim airbase

At the Russian military airbase in Syria there may be 50-60 combat aircraft and helicopters.

On Sunday, February 3, 2019, the news and news agency published satellite images of which, according to expert estimates, there are at least three dozen combat aircraft.

The very next day, on Monday, it became known that Russia additionally transferred its attack helicopters to Syria, which also stationed at the Hmeimim airbase. According to an opposition Syrian source, in the near future no less than 50 combat aircraft and helicopters can be located on the territory of the Russian air base, which makes the military airfield one of the most powerful bridgeheads in the Middle East.

Experts pay attention to the fact that the appearance of covered shelters for combat aviation equipment at the Khmeimim airbase allows you to hide the true presence of the HVAC of the Russian Federation. Against the background of the fact that on the satellite images you can see planes located under the open sky, analysts conclude that only at the present moment 34 combat vehicles can be present at the Russian military air base. Given that fact. that no less than 10 sites for helicopters are located here, the total number of impact equipment of the Russian Aerospace Forces approaches five dozen units, not to mention the fact that additional airplanes can be placed on the largest open parking area located in the east of the airbase.

“Fighters, attack aircraft, bombers, attack helicopters - all this allows you to perform any required operation in Syria and neighboring countries. Not surprisingly, Hmeimm strongly attracts US Air Force reconnaissance aircraft. ”, - the analyst notes.