Hmeimim plane


At the Khmeimim airbase in Syria spotted the landing of Russian strategic bombers Tu-160

Sources announced the landing at the Khmeimim airbase of two Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers.

At the disposal of the resource were satellite photographs, on which you can see how two, according to sources, strategic Tu-160 bombers, which should be used to launch attacks on terrorists in Idlib and Aleppo.

“Satellite images taken on February 14 show that reports of the arrival of Russian strategic Tu-160 bombers at the Khmeimim airbase in Syria turned out to be true. Two of them can be seen on the runway ”, - the user of the “Status-6” account reports.

In the photographs you can really see the silhouettes of two huge aircraft, while, presumably, the spacecraft photographed the moment of landing of two aircraft, and given the fact that the images are dated February 14, it is logical to assume that this information is connected with the earlier information about the transfer to Syria of Russian strategic bombers, which has already reported.

Nevertheless, experts call this information false, noting that apparently this is not about the Tu-160 strategic bombers, but about the An-124 military transport aircraft that delivered ammunition and weapons to Syria.

“The quality of satellite images does not allow us to conclude unequivocally that we are talking about bombers. With the same success, it could be military transport aircraft, however, earlier it was really intended to re-equip the Khmeimim airbase to receive strategic bombers, and therefore, it is still impossible to completely refute these data. ”, - the expert marks.

It should be clarified that representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense do not comment on data on the possible transfer of the Tu-160 to Syria.

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