Tons of ODAB-1500 vacuum air bombs were dropped on the Ukrainian Armed Forces base in Krasnogorovka

The People's Militia of the Donetsk People's Republic reported a large-scale attack by Russian troops on the Ukrainian military base in Krasnogorovka, where, according to the DPR, fighters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were based. The weapons used during the attack—ODAB-1500 vacuum bombs—are characterized by special destructive power and are capable of unleashing a one-and-a-half-ton charge on the target, instantly igniting the flammable aerosol.

The peculiarity of vacuum bombs is their ability to open above the target and create a cloud of flammable aerosol, which is detonated simultaneously. This process leads to volumetric detonation, which burns out atmospheric oxygen and causes a sharp rise in pressure. This effect is catastrophic for everyone nearby, injuring internal organs and leaving little chance of survival.

Explosive effects also affect underground structures, including dugouts and bunkers, which leaves nothing alive behind. The effectiveness of this type of weapon makes it a dangerous tool in combat operations, helping to break through defensive lines and facilitating the tasks of infantry units when storming enemy positions.

The Ukrainian command expressed serious concerns about Russia’s use of such powerful aerial bombs, considering them a deterrent to the offensive operations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In this regard, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky turned to Western partners with a request for the urgent supply of strike aircraft to be able to counter Russian aircraft in the airspace.


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