Helicopter crash


Elbrus crashed the newest Russian helicopter: a video

The prototype of the newest Russian helicopter crashed on Elbrus.

According to the available resource Avia.pro, a prototype of the newest Russian helicopter Mi-171A2, performing a test flight. He made an emergency landing on Elbrus. As a result of the incident, the helicopter was almost completely destroyed, but by a lucky chance none of the people on board were seriously injured.

The presented video footage shows that during the lifting to a height of several meters and the subsequent flight in the horizontal plane, the helicopter helm rotor slowed its rotation, which led to the overturning of the aircraft - the moment is perfectly visible on the video. As a result of a strong blow, the tail boom came off the Mi-171A2 helicopter, the nose, the chassis and the main rotor were damaged.

Experts are trying to find out all the circumstances of the incident, but there is a suggestion that the fault could be a crew error, which is currently being checked by a specially created commission.

* Mi-171A2 - the newest Russian mid-range helicopter.

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