Place of wreck of An-148 Moscow region


At the site of the fall of An-148, 715 fragments of victims' bodies were found

At the crash site of the An-148, more than 715 fragments of the bodies of victims of the plane crash were discovered.

Specialists engaged in conducting a search operation stated that more than 710 fragments of the bodies of the victims of the plane crash were detected within the framework of the work, which indicates that the crashed plane actually deprived the people who were on board the chances of rescue. Experts argue that the procedure for identifying victims is much more complicated, and in all likelihood, it will have to resort to genetic analysis, since it is simply impossible to visually recognize the victims of the tragedy that occurred on the eve of the day.

It should be noted that as a result of the 11 February plane crash, 71 died aboard an AN-148 airplane, including six crew members and 65 passengers.

The circumstances of the tragedy are still unknown, however, experts believe that after deciphering the detected flight recorders, it will be possible to accurately name the cause of the tragedy that occurred in the Moscow region.