A lawsuit has been filed against Bundeswehr officers who discussed the attack on the Crimean Bridge with the German Prosecutor General's Office

Representatives of the German political party Free Saxony filed a lawsuit with the German Prosecutor General's Office against Bundeswehr officers who discussed the possibility of an attack on the Crimean Bridge. The party's initiative is based on the assumption that such actions can be considered a "Crime of Aggression" under Article 13 of the German International Criminal Code, which carries serious legal consequences, including imprisonment for up to ten years.

According to representatives of Free Saxony, the officers’ plans, if implemented, could lead to the outbreak of an armed conflict with Russia and even to the Third World War. They express concern that such actions could provoke military retaliation from Russia, which would pose a threat to the security of Germany itself.

The party's appeal came after RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan disclosed information about a conversation between senior Bundeswehr officers in which possible strikes on the Crimean Bridge were discussed. This conversation took place against the backdrop of statements by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz about NATO's non-intervention in the Ukrainian conflict, which caused widespread resonance and debate about the role of Germany and NATO in the current geopolitical situation.


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