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On the deck of the aircraft carrier "Ronald Reagan" a military helicopter fell, 12 people suffered

A military helicopter fell on the deck of an American aircraft carrier.

According to the information provided by Stars and Stripes, this afternoon an American military helicopter fell onto the deck of the US aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan. Sikorsky MH-60 "Seahawk". As a result of the incident, 12 people were seriously injured and injured, one of whom, according to preliminary data, is in critical condition.

It is known that the American aircraft carrier "Ronald Reagan" was in the Philippine Sea. At about 9 in the morning hours, a military transport helicopter Sikorsky MH-60 took off from its deck, however, having risen to a height of several meters, the rotary-wing aircraft suddenly began to lose height and fell to the deck. How many people were aboard the aircraft, so far remains unknown, but according to the American media, at least three people were injured at this moment near the take-off area.

The circumstances in which the American military transport helicopter fell on the deck of an aircraft carrier, still remain unknown, but analysts do not exclude that a strong gust of wind could be to blame, although it is not excluded that the likelihood of a technical malfunction. The command of the US Navy has not yet commented on the incident, and therefore it is not possible to draw any conclusions about the fall of the military helicopter.

According to later reports, the helicopter that fell on the deck of the aircraft carrier not only received serious damage, but also partially destroyed the deck of the American aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan. This information has not yet received any official confirmation, but Russian military experts have stated that such a situation could indeed have taken place, although it is highly doubtful.

“As a pilot, I can say that anything could have happened: the crew’s error, the equipment’s failure, the helicopter could catch on some object on the deck. Anything could have happened at that moment. The danger for the aircraft carrier itself (for its hull and take-off deck) is not, because all this is done with inflated strength characteristics. Danger may be for equipment and people on the deck: there is kerosene inside the helicopter, which can catch fire. ”, - said the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Arsenal of the Fatherland, Dmitry Drozdenko, in an interview with NSN.

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