Air Base Khmeimim


At the Russian airbase in Syria discovered a lot of new aircraft

At the Russian air base in Syria, a lot of new aircraft have been noticed.

17 March 2019 satellite images were presented in which at least four Su-25 attack aircraft that arrived at Hmeimim airbase in Syria were visible.

However, according to satellite images taken by the Sentinel-2, in reality, at the Russian military air base there are at least 9 new combat aircraft.

17 March 2019 year

25 February 2019 year

In the parking lot located in the eastern part of the Russian military air base, no less than 5 combat aircraft can be seen (their name is unknown - ed.). Despite the relatively weak resolution of the spacecraft, the contours of the aircraft are clearly visible, while in the satellite image taken three weeks earlier (25 February 2019 of the year - ed.), You can see that the platform is completely empty.

Moreover, the contours of at least four Su-25 attack aircraft can also be seen in the open parking lot in the western part of the military air base - two days earlier they were presented in a clearer satellite image.

Considering satellite data, it can be assumed that the grouping of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria has been increased 1,5 times in just a few weeks, and at the moment the number of combat aircraft here reaches almost three dozen.