Airline Germanvingz


The brand "Germanwings" will be replaced by the brand "Eurowings"

Airline "Lufthansa"I intend to abandon the brand"Germanwings", Changed its name to« Eurowings ».

The reason for the change of the brand name of one of the subsidiaries, the largest air carrier in Europe, lies mainly in took place in March this year with the plane crash death of a hundred people. As a specialist aviation resource note the change of brand is unlikely to lead to the restoration of confidence to the air carrier, however, in turn, representatives of the airline noted that such plans were studied before the time of the crash itself.

Specific terms of the transition of the brand «Germanwings» to «Eurowings» is currently not precisely known, but it is believed that «Lufthansa» Airline management intends to do so until the end of the year 2015.