Ukrainian Air Force


During exercises in Ukraine, the Soviet Su-27 destroyed the American F-15

The Soviet fighter Su-27 "destroyed" the American F-15 in Ukraine.

During the Ukrainian Clear Sky 2018 exercises, the crews of the Ukrainian Su-27 fighters saddened the US military with the “destruction” of the F-15 fighter. It is known that during the training battle, a Soviet aircraft in service with the Ukrainian Air Force did not leave a single chance to the American pilot by entering the “tail” and destroying the aircraft of the enemy.

Only relatively recently, American military experts stated that the F-15 fighter in service with the US Air Force might most likely beat the most maneuverable Russian Su-35 fighter, but during the Clear Sky 2018 military maneuvers, Ukrainian pilots demonstrated the highest skill, "destroying" the American aircraft that took part in the air battle.

It should be clarified that the US Department of Defense decided not to comment on the loss to Soviet combat aircraft, but the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, proudly stated that NATO has a lot to learn from the Ukrainian aces.

It is important to note the fact that, despite the desire of Ukraine to abandon the Soviet and Russian technology, Soviet fighters, bombers and military transport aircraft are still the main force of the Ukrainian Air Force.

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So the plane was destroyed or the pilot on this plane?