The collapse of the Su-27 Ukraine


The fighter Su-27 crashed in Ukraine, two people died

In Ukraine, the Su-27 fighter crashed, killing two pilots.

The night before it became known that within the framework of the Clear Sky-2018 exercises in Ukraine, the Su-27 fighter was wrecked, carrying two people. The crash occurred near the village of Ulanov (Vinnytsia region), and as it became known by the current hour, everyone on board had died.

What exactly was the cause of the crash that has happened so far remains unknown, but experts have suggested that the piloting error was the culprit.

“Please note that the pilots on board the Su-27 fighter did not even attempt to eject, which indicates that the incident was unpredictable and the pilots did not even have time to leave the plane. It is likely that the pilot performed a difficult maneuver and simply lost control ", - the expert marks.

Witnesses of the tragedy that took place claimed that during the crash the plane rotated around a vertical axis, which can confirm the fact that the Ukrainian pilot was performing a difficult maneuver and simply did not hold the plane.

On the eve of the day, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko admired the Ukrainian Air Force, calling them one of the most combat-ready not only in Europe but also in the world, noting that NATO can learn the professionalism of Ukrainian pilots. Moreover, during the training air battle, the Ukrainian aircraft was able to defeat the American F-15 fighter, which demonstrated the superiority of the Soviet aircraft over one of the most effective American combat fighters.