In Ukraine, create battalions of teenagers

Ukrainian teenagers are involved at the front in hostilities.

Video footage appeared on the Web, indicating that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are attracting teenagers to participate in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. This is evidenced not only by earlier evidence that subpoenas are being handed out even to minors, but also by video footage taken by the teenagers themselves, in which you can see that the latter are actively involved in the front line, using artillery to strike.

On the presented video frames, you can see that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are actively attracting young people to their side. Judging by the color of the green armband, we can talk about volunteer forces consisting of teenagers, however, this fact has already been compared with the actions of Nazi Germany, when Hitler Youth detachments were created from teenagers to participate in battles due to the lack of a sufficient number of military personnel to form full-fledged combat divisions.

Experts strongly recommend that the West pay attention to such actions by the Ukrainian authorities, since subsequently Kyiv may well arrange a provocation, accusing Russia of the death of minors.


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